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About us

CE Recycling is an electronic recycling company, committed to recycling an reusing all electronics.


Our Mission

Recycle and reuse.

Here at CE Recycling we believe that as humans, we use way too many of the Earth's resources when we really should be recycling the resources we have already used. Our mission as a company is to provide recycled items, teach people how to refurbish and reuse items, and ultimately to cut down on new resources being used.

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Our wide range of tems have either been rebuilt or repaired for maximum functionality. All items shown available have been tested and marked as a good product. Items are posted daily, so stay tuned. 

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Recycling Services

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Total Control Logistics

Data Destruction and Security

Recycled Inventory Tracking

Remarketing and Reuse

Trusted and Responsible Recycling

We will come to you and pickup your equipment totally free of charge. We can provide an unbroken chain-of-custody, guaranteed. We can perform urgent pickups so you don't have to sit on unwanted equipment longer than necessary.

We ensure that all client data and software are removed from all electronic media. Corporate identifiers and asset tags are physically removed. Hard drive erasure procedures adhere to NIST 800-88 standards. Inoperable hard drives are shredded at our facility so that all data and software are unrecoverable. Hard drives can be removed or erased onsite.

Per request all customers will receive a basic audit report of what was received. More detailed audit reports are available as well.

We pursue all remarketing options throughout the industry to place used equipment back into service and keep it out of landfills. Equipment is re-marketed through a variety of channels including online stores, auctions, and through resellers.

We provide recycling for equipment that fails testing or does not meet minimum specifications. Recycling is completed by selling each of the recyclable components of your equipment, combined in bulk with like components of other customer's equipment, back into the plastics, metals, and other similar industries as a commodity. We follow all applicable state, federal and EPA regulations. No portion or any piece of equipment is placed in a landfill.

Equipment\Storage Room Cleanup

We provide organizing and cleanup services for equipment storage rooms upon request. An overseer is required to be onsite through the entire time frame of the cleanup. This service is provided by appointment only.

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