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Need someone to call now that you are working from home with no technical support? Or maybe you're having issues getting your child logged in for virtual learning. With the massive climb in virtual work and learning due to the Coronavirus, there is a huge need for computer technicians. From walking a user through an installation, to arriving onsite to install a printer, or setting up a working space for a child to go to school, we got you covered!


Our services

All of our services are dedicated to support the rising virtual working and virtual learning world we live in today. Check out the services we provide below with and select the one that best suites your needs. 

Shop here for tested refurbished items


Our wide range of tems have either been rebuilt or repaired for maximum functionality. All items shown available have been tested and marked as a good product. Items are posted daily, so stay tuned. 

Virtual Support Services

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Onsite Tech Support

Online Chat

Remote Desktop Support

Phone Support

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Need to schedule an onsite appointment?

Schedule an onsite appointment to have one of our technician come out to your home or office to resolve any technical issues you are having. This also includes equipment setup.

Having issues and need to ask a quick question? Click below to chat with one of our technicians.

Need an issue resolved rapidly and you have internet connection? Connect with one of our online technicians and let them remotely resolve your computer issues.

We have technician available to take your phone call and walk you through resolving your issues. Click below to schedule a call with one of our reps.

Do you need instructions for something specific? Submit a ticket and we will have it in your inbox ASAP.

 $20 per connection

 $10 per call


$10 per session

Funds are refunded if no solution is found.

8am-7pm EST

7am-7pm EST

6am-7pm EST

6am-7pm EST

$75 min. per visit

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